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CAPA Meetings and Events

Come Join Us for Our Valentine’s Day Cocktails & Trivia Event !!!!   

Day/Date:               Tuesday, February 8th via Zoom
Time:                       Look for the email eVite
Location:                Please email “” for the Zoom link
Philanthropy:         We Are reaching out to Metrocrest Charity to see how we can assist. 
Drop off                   

*  How to make festive and “lovely” cocktails with a Valentine’s Day theme
*  Pay annual dues of $20.00 if you haven’t already (cash or check accepted)
*  Valentine’s Day trivia – get to know the history and facts
*  Insights into CAPA’s Sorority 101 planning

2021 – 2022 Calendar for CAPA

Our plans are to rotate In Person events and Online events with Sept 2021 and November 2021 as In Person events and October 2021 an online function. We want to engage and stay connected in the way you most feel comfortable !!