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About Sororities


What is a Sorority?

A sorority is a group of women bound together by common principles, goals, and experiences. Probably the most important thing to a young woman entering college is the “home away from home” environment that sorority membership offers. Immediately upon joining a sorority, you belong to a group of women who are sincerely interested in you and your well being. During the recruitment process, you determine the group that best shares your goals and ideals…the women you want to share friendships with for a lifetime. Other immediate benefits include academic support and opportunities for leadership development and community service.

Benefits of Sorority Membership

Sororities have five basic benefits: sisterhood, scholarship, leadership, philanthropy (charitable causes/community service), and socializing.

Many college women seek something more than just classes and casual friends. Sororities can provide an environment that fosters personal growth and promotes lifelong friendships. In fact, many collegiate women see their sorority as a “home away from home.”

Along with friendship, laughter and fun, sorority membership provides opportunities for a life of learning and involvement. All Greek groups have a standard of excellence based on ideals, purposes, principles, and values, and sorority membership offers opportunities to help you reach your goals. Sororities not only set the standards for scholastic achievement, leadership development, and community service, they also stand by you as strive to achieve your personal best. Regardless of which chapter you join, you will find a strong bond with women who will celebrate your accomplishments and share your hopes and dreams.

Sorority membership spans a lifetime. After collegiate days are over, alumnae women continue to stay involved in their local alumnae chapters as members and many serve as advisors to collegiate chapters. And when moving to a new community, you may find supportive network of sisters to ease your transition.

Responsibilities of Sorority Membership

Sorority membership means commitment. When you join, you will make a promise to uphold your sorority’s standards and to support your sisters. Two other obligations of members are time and money.

In addition to the time commitment to your studies, you will be expected to attend chapter meetings and other sorority events. Your attendance is required at some of these meetings and events.

Cost of sorority membership varies among groups.  You also have a financial obligation to pay your sorority expenses. All sororities are supported by dues and one-time expenditures.  Examples of  one-time expenditures for new members are:  badges, national enrollment, and house corporation (depending if the college chapter owns their own sorority house). Other variable fees include chapter dues, housing, and depending upon the campus-meals. The details regarding your financial commitment will be listed prior to your final decision to become a member.

Sororities strive to make membership as affordable as possible. Many sorority women hold jobs, receive financial aid or earn scholarships. There are also programs and scholarships for those who need assistance with membership.