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Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the recipients of  our 2020 Scholarships!

High School Scholarship:

Yohanna Gebreyohanns                          plans to attend University of Southern California (USC)

Jeanne Heath Memorial Scholarship for Actives:

Rebecca Carroll                                        attending University of Arkansas

Past Recipients

High School Scholarships: 

Year Recipient School Attended
2020  Yohanna Gebreyohanns  University of Southern California
2018  Aimee Hou New York University
2017 Catherine Carter Texas Christian University
2016 Linda Castranova  University of Texas
 2015  Annmarie Vincenzo  University of Arkansas


Jeanne Heath Memorial Scholarship for Actives:

Year Recipient School Attended
2018 Rebekah Moomau Oklahoma State University
  Jackie Malish Southern Methodist University
2017 Linda Castranova University of Texas
  Erin Payne Kansas State University
  Tori Zettle University of Texas
  Rebecca Moomau Oklahoma State University
2016 Madeline Nauyokas Texas A&M University
  Emily Poe Steven F. Austin University
  Kristen Shepard University of Texas
  Scottlynn Sheridan University of Mississippi
2015 Nicole Dunn Texas Tech University
  Julie Tan University of Texas