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Recruitment Tips

  1. Read the Recruitment/Rush brochure from your college as soon as you get it!
  2. Give careful thought to your clothes for each day. You will ultimately be judged on your personal record, of course, but remember you will be making literally hundreds of first impressions each day and your clothes, hair, and make-up are a factor. Cut-off denim shorts, skimpy halters or clothing that is cut-out would make you memorable in the wrong way.
  3. Accessories are important!  Wear cute jewelry and shoes, but be sure not to wear a watch (lest you be caught looking at it!).
  4. No gum! Maybe mints or Tic-Tacs.
  5. Some schools allow you to carry a small purse; some do not allow them. Some will allow you to take a tote bag.  These will be left in front of the house with the Rho Chi watching.   If your campus allows a purse/tote bag consider the following items in case you need them: a hand towel for sitting on while waiting for the next party, a water bottle, mints, a small mirror, blotting papers, small brush, hairspray, make up for touch ups and a small note pad/pen to jot down names you want to remember.
  6. Think of some questions you want answered beforehand about the chapter: about that sorority’s philanthropy, about members of that chapter in YOUR major, about a member’s favorite activities, and about traditions and activities at the college.
  7. There are some topics that you might guess would UNSUITABLE to discuss such as: your personal party habits, your boyfriend, any negative opinion on Greek life, college life, or religion. There is no appropriate time to use offensive language.
  8. Smile in the face of any catastrophe! It could rain on one of the recruitment days, and other problems occur – remain cheerful.
  9. Remember that these chapters want you to like them and join them. Be equally nice to all chapters, even the ones you think you may not be interested in. Be open-minded, enjoy the people and attention! It is a special time when all eyes are on you! The best thing for you is the thing that will happen!
  10. Do away with Digital Dirt. Make sure Facebook, Instagram and related sites do not have anything negative on them. There should not be any references to alcohol or un-ladylike behavior. The sororities will check your site and form an opinion about you before they have even met you.
  11. Turn off your cell phone or leave it at home so that it doesn’t ring, vibrate or otherwise distract you or your hostesses. Your full attention needs to be on the event.